Dan Christensen

About Dan Christensen

Why The Christensen Realty Group?

First and foremost, Rancho Peñasquitos is our stake in the ground. This is where we fly our flag. Nothing we do, either for our clients or our community, is “a one and done.” We’re committed to serving this community for the long haul.

We not only serve this community, we’re part of this community and have been for 26 years. We raised four kids here. Our friends are here. Our “play” is here. Our work is here.

We understand that being entrusted to sell someone’s home is not just about putting a “Sold” sign in the yard. It’s a deeply personal and potentially stressful experience … We also know it’s about protecting AND maximizing your home equity. Wherever you go next, whatever life stage you’re in, you deserve to get as much equity as the market will allow. That’s our job … to do all we can to guide you in maximizing your gain, and while doing so, give you the best possible experience.

There are currently four full time licensed agents serving this team, our clients, and our community. We’re a fun group – get to know us!